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Ryder & Swogger, P.C.
511 Depot View Drive
Suite 19
Traverse City, Michigan

Phone: 231.929.3933
Fax: 231.946.2740

Traverse City Attorneys concentrating in the area of Family Law

Ryder & Swogger, P.C. is a law firm concentrating strictly in the area of family law located in Traverse City, Michigan, providing legal services in Northern Michigan. Special circumstances will be considered for cases in other locations throughout Michigan. For 25 years, Ryder & Swogger, P.C. has focused their area of practice on family law matters consisting of divorce, property division, property settlement disputes, retirement asset division, paternity, child custody, child support enforcement and modification, parenting time, change of domicile/relocation, spousal support, adoption, step parent adoption, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, separate maintenance, legal separation, post judgment actions, facilitative mediation, and collaborative divorce.

Amy M. Swogger an experienced trial attorney who exclusively advocates family law matters before the Courts. Ms. Swogger has been trained as a facilitative mediator and collaborative divorce practitioner. This provides additional resources in reaching equitable settlements for clients with an emphasis on child centered parenting arrangements.

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